I’m writing a C build environment in Smalltalk.

I can no longer tolerate makefiles, autoconf, and all the other bullshit that currently permeates building C projects like the Squeak virtual machine. We’ve had the ability to manipulate command-line utilities from Smalltalk for years. I’m writing a model of C build artifacts, dependencies, and utilities. I’m collecting transcripts of successful Squeak virtual machine builds from all platforms, from which I will reverse engineer. Please do send yours. Thanks!

4 Responses to “I’m writing a C build environment in Smalltalk.”

  1. Have you seen the CMakeVMMaker? it is all done in Smalltalk side.


  2. Dmitry Ponyatov Says:

    Did you look deeper: what about the generation of arbitrary C code from Smalltalk?
    to make Smalltalk system to be metaprogramming IDE: manipulate parts of software in Smalltalk, and translate to human-readable C or JS code to be compatible with any developers team uses classical languages


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