All I want for Christmas is a virtual machine running Snow Leopard.

Aha, so it’s not possible to build a Cog VM on Mac OS 10.7 or later, because John’s Mac support relies on QuickDraw system calls that were removed in 10.7, and Cog’s unixbuild won’t build on the Mac (not exactly sure why, Eliot just says so). Too bad… I’ve always appreciated having Ian’s Quartz-based Mac support to fall back on when John’s stuff misbehaved.

You can run 10.7 or later in a VMWare or Parallels virtual machine, but no earlier non-server releases (because of policy issues, nothing technical). So I guess I need to find and buy a copy of Snow Leopard Server.

3 Responses to “All I want for Christmas is a virtual machine running Snow Leopard.”

  1. We build Cog VM in Snow Leopard (and Lion, and Mountain Lion btw)… you just need to follow the new process and not the old one, and the new branches and not the old ones.
    And yes, yo need CMakeMaker package, and to fork from gitorious instead svn… is a brand new world and it needs new technics.

    Mariano’s blog:

    Is a bit outdated but still the best way to succeed on building your own VM.


    • Aha. The instructions I found told me to use SVN. It’s really too bad that this stuff is such obscure folklore, and anyone who isn’t in direct communication with the developers has basically no chance of figuring it out for themselves. Anyway, thanks!


  2. Well, it doesn’t work as shipped:

    CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:46 (add_executable):
    Cannot find source file:


    Hack that one and get:

    CMake Error at HostWindowPlugin/CMakeLists.txt:17 (add_library):
    Cannot find source file:


    Hack that one and get:

    CMake Error at CroquetPlugin/CMakeLists.txt:17 (add_library):
    Cannot find source file:


    There is no file called “tribox.c”. So now what? Why doesn’t this just work, if you’re doing this automatically several times a day? There’s yet another, more recent piece of magic that you forgot to tell me, right? :)

    Thanks again,


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