Context 3 alpha 3 released

Hey there, I’ve released Context 3 alpha 3. I look forward to tearing through a few more alphas in the coming days at ESUG! :) See you soon.


8 Responses to “Context 3 alpha 3 released”

  1. Do you think it’s possible to create a version of Spoon for VisualWorks? It would be great! Thanks for your tireless work on this.

    • Craig Latta Says:

      Thanks! Yes, I do think it’s possible. This is what I’m working on at Camp Smalltalk here at ESUG 2011. I want all Smalltalks to be able to exchange modules, and to remove all the cruft from their object memories. :)

      • Do you think this can really happen? Liberty BASIC would benefit hugely from being made as tiny as possible. BASIC programmers are very demanding about application size. :-)

      • Craig Latta Says:

        Yes, I do! Let’s talk about this; please feel free to call me on Skype whenever you see me there. My ID is “threnkeldwingnut”.

  2. Craig, I’ll try to catch you on Skype, sure. :-) How would you approach this problem? Would you need to create a custom VW virtual machine? How could this be supported?

  3. Craig Latta Says:

    The other Smalltalks already have the necessary VM support for remote messaging, so there wouldn’t need to be a custom VM.

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