first Naiad module page created

Naiad is Spoon’s module system. For every Naiad module, there can be a webpage describing it and providing something for Google to crawl. This is the basis of a discovery system for Naiad modules. It includes…

  • a well-known master Naiad module pages ID (so that one can search the web for all Naiad module pages)
  • the module’s name
  • the module’s author’s ID (so that one can search the web for the pages of the modules by that author)
  • the module’s ID
  • a description of the module’s content
  • the module’s current version
  • the module’s latest timestamp
  • the module’s tags
  • the IDs of the module’s prerequisite modules (for which one may search the web)
  • one or more installation links. When clicked, an installation link hits a webserver running in a local Spoon system. The link contains an encoded hostname and port for a remote Spoon system which actually serves the module.

I created the first Naiad module page, for the “fundamental constants” module. I also made a custom search engine for finding Naiad module pages.

One Response to “first Naiad module page created”

  1. Craig Latta Says:

    The rest of the module pages are up now, and searchable through the Naiad module custom search engine.


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