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Naiad says hello

Posted in Naiad with tags on 26 January 2011 by Craig Latta

Phew. I have Naiad (Spoon’s change management system) running in a small headless memory which is using another small headless memory as its edit history. I call the first one the “subject” memory, and the second one the “history” memory. I’m browsing the subject memory from a kitchen-sink memory that has Naiad support. I can install class and method editions into the subject memory from the browsing memory, and the subject memory keeps track of edits in the history memory, all without referring to class names. Naiad finally works! Yay!

Eventually, the headless subject memory will be the basis of a new distribution of Squeak… one where there is no bloat, everything is organized sanely, and everything is documented. :)

We can port the Naiad support to other memories (other versions of Squeak, and other Smalltalks). So, for example, one will be able to browse a Pharo memory from a VisualWorks memory and vice-versa.

Right now I’m doing another manual removal pass through the headless subject memory, using visualization data from the simulator as my guide.

This is fun!

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