I’m writing a C build environment in Smalltalk.

I can no longer tolerate makefiles, autoconf, and all the other bullshit that currently permeates building C projects like the Squeak virtual machine. For the moment, I can still tolerate C itself, as long as I’m building a virtual machine to escape it. :)

We’ve had the ability to manipulate command-line utilities from Smalltalk for years. I’m writing a model of C build artifacts, dependencies, and utilities. I’m collecting transcripts of successful Squeak virtual machine builds from all platforms, from which I will reverse engineer. Please do send yours. Thanks!

2 Responses to “I’m writing a C build environment in Smalltalk.”

  1. Great idea Craig. Do other VM programmers know about it? I just saw your post via Google Alert. But I cannot tell how old this blog post is. Good luck.


    • I wrote that post about a year ago. Other VM programmers do know about it, and it’s a topic that’s getting some new interest these days, as the current build environment gets more and more complicated. Thanks!


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