the IDE app README

Here’s the current README for the IDE app. And oh yes, I’m considering renaming the project from “Spoon” to “Context”.

Context README

3 Responses to “the IDE app README”

  1. Craig, the name Spoon is more memorable than Context. Keep it. ;-)


  2. Does Spoon/Context (I also prefer Spoon!) provide any support for:
    – concurrency (the word “chain” in “a chain of contexts is a process” seems to imply sequential execution). I am not sure what the best concurrency model would be, but not having one would be a bit sad.
    – traits (as the state of the art way to describe reuse in OO systems, IMHO)


    • Hi Fran├žois… Yes, Spoon has a concurrency model. Processes are scheduled by a processor scheduler, and processes may coordinate access to objects through mutexes. Traits are available as a loadable module; they aren’t essential to the minimal system. Thanks for writing!


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