Context 3 beta 1 released

I’ve released Context 3 beta 1. This is another “ignition check” release. On the Mac, the intended sequence of events is:

  • You double-click on the app.
  • The app is an AppleScript which starts an embedded Context virtual machine, which resumes a web server. The AppleScript also opens a web browser on the web server’s welcome page.
  • The welcome page tells you what to do next (but it currently refers to things which don’t exist).

I’m working on the equivalent magic for Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux for the next release; suggestions welcome.

Please let me know if the startup sequence works for you, and any questions or comments you have. This is an exciting release, because it’s the first one that could be the basis for a self-supporting community.



6 Responses to “Context 3 beta 1 released”

  1. Looking good. Spoon starts and brings up the welcome page, which explains that I should start by reading the README.txt. Assuming this file is in the WebDAV, I tried to connect to http://localhost:8090, but there it hangs until I get a timeout.

    Perhaps I’m doing something wrong? :)


  2. Bruce Prior Says:

    Hi Craig. 3 beta 1 worked as advertised. I got a new welcome page on my browser screen with two “memory” links provided. They don’t work, but of course you said they wouldn’t.
    I’m running Mountain Lion OS on an iMac.


  3. Bill Petheram Says:

    No luck for me on a MacBook with 10.6.8. Double click gets two icons in the dock then they vanish and firefox cannot connect.
    If I run Spoon VM manually it works though I get two firefox pages.


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