Context presentation 2012-02-26

This is the first complete version of the Context presentation, with slides and narration.

11 Responses to “Context presentation 2012-02-26”

  1. Looking good! I enjoyed that a lot. Thanks Craig.


  2. Great talk! I didn’t see the cursor in Prezi so when you were showing the linear memory inspect and saying “here we see…” it was a little hard to follow. I am sure this won’t be a problem in the live talk, and I didn’t see the movie in full screen (my video card isn’t up to it) so the cursor might have actually been there.

    When talking about the details of the minimal image at the end you should mention its size (in bytes, classes and methods) and compare it with a normal Pharo or Squeak image.


  3. what did you use to make that zooming presentation?


  4. Lots of fun to see your presentation, Craig! (and to see what other spoons come up on YouTube at the end :))


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