Happy first Equinox!

Happy spring or autumn!

Making a deadline for myself pushed me to spend more time on Spoon, hooray! A couple of host-OS issues took more time than I thought they would, boo!

In the previous Spoon release, the (headless) minimal object memory includes a tiny web server that, when visited with a host-OS web browser, welcomes you to Spoon and offers a few suggestions for getting started (e.g., how to load modules). This release augments that with minimal virtual filesystem support (it turned out to be WebDAV), so that you can use “your favorite text editor” to interact with the system (eliminating what is for me the most annoying reason why people don’t try Smalltalk). I did this last, and it took longer than I thought it would to pull this off on Microsoft Windows (and yet, I’m not surprised :).

In the meantime, please do comment on http://netjam.org/spoon/naiad if you haven’t already. Thanks!

2 Responses to “Happy first Equinox!”

  1. Hi Craig,

    On the spoon page at your site, it suggests that the next version to be released is version 3 something, due during the equinox and version 2 something is current one. Just wondering if you have a new idea for when version 3 will be released? Looking forward to trying out your work!



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