Caffeine updated for Pharo 7

Pharo 7 running on the SqueakJS virtual machine in Chrome, debugged by Squeak in a DevTools panel

I’ve updated Caffeine to run Pharo 7; please try it out! There was one virtual machine bug (primitivePerformWithArguments wasn’t manipulating the stack correctly), and I had to turn off a few Pharo features (like libGit support, which uses LibC, something I haven’t faked in the virtual machine yet).

Many thanks to the Pharo hackers in the RMOD team at INRIA Lille, for hosting me at their sprint on Friday, 27 September 2019. It was great hanging out and coding with you all. We’ll get that Pharo Apple Watch screenshot soon. :)

5 Responses to “Caffeine updated for Pharo 7”

  1. andyburnett Says:

    I am curious about the difference in performance between running Caffeine in the debug tab, and as an ‘app’ in the web page. In the debug tab the performance is generally quite snappy – dragging windows etc. In the webpage, the updates are quite slow, and there is a lot of memory paging – just based upon the spinning thingy.

    However, when I run
    (1 to:1000) do: [:each| Transcript show: each;cr]

    The performance difference goes the other way. The debug tab shows the numbers incrementing in the Transcript – as one would expect. The app shows the loop finishing almost immediately with the last few numbers printed to the Transcript.



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