next steps 2012-02-20

Thanks for all the feedback on the 3 alpha 3 release! I’m preparing 3a4 now. Sorry for the delay, I had paid-work issues to deal with for the last few months. Speaking of paid work, I’m available for new clients or a full-time assignment. Here’s my resume. I’d love to hear from you!

If you had trouble starting 3a3, please let me know. I’d be happy to get together with you online and debug it together. While Bert Freudenberg’s “all in one” packaging technique for Squeak has made things considerably simpler, it seems there are still ways that the configuration of an individual machine can interfere with successful startup.

The next feature I’m working on is more convenient startup of the history memory from a subject memory. Since this is the execution of a single well-known command, I decided that using OSProcess is overkill. Instead, I’m adding a Flow primitive that forks and execs the appropriate command (and the equivalent action on Windows).

I’ve also submitted a Kickstarter project proposal to fund work on Spoon.

Thanks again for your interest!

4 Responses to “next steps 2012-02-20”

  1. Craig Latta Says:

    Yay, the primitive works great. I’m really glad I didn’t have to bother with the entirety of OSProcess. Most of the time was spent figuring out that, on MacOS, you really want to use vfork(), not fork() (XCode only works with the former).


  2. Can’t find the Kickstarter project. Whats it called?


    • Craig Latta Says:

      Unfortunately, they rejected my application, saying “we don’t fund business projects”… I think they’re rather unclear on the concept, but oh well. :)


      • Alex Davis Says:

        Hey, Craig, did you consider looking at IndieGoGo if Kickstarter bounced it? They’re a similiar system and might accept your request (also, many KS projects I see are essentially business projects anyway, like pre-orders but systemized).


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