Context mounted as WebDAV filesystem

4 Responses to “Context mounted as WebDAV filesystem”

  1. Cool! I might change the Object “Directory” to have ‘ Methods’ and ‘ Class Methods’ directories and then all the sub-classes. That way they’d sort to the top (note the space at the beginning of the name), but you could disambiguate better. You could also have other “space directories” like all instances of the class, instance variables, class variables, etc.


    • Craig Latta Says:

      I like those ideas! Yeah, currently I have “classes” and “methods” directories in each class directory. Maybe I’ll have a “meta” directory to get to the metaclass quickly, instead of making people dig down through Class first.



  2. Had a similar thing using nfs some time ago…
    You may want to add subdirectories showing previous versions of a class and a workspace, which acts on a file-write by >>doing<< it and sending any output to a newly appearing log file. Might be fun as a base for eclipse integration…
    "for people who like that kind of stuff, that's the kind of stuff they like."


  3. Craig Latta Says:

    :) Heh, very true. Yes, there’s a large amount of useful history information I plan to work into this from Naiad. Good ideas!

    Yeah, I considered NFS for this, but WebDAV turned out to be so much simpler and pervasive after all this time, of course.



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