starter GLASS EC2 AMI

Hi… With the help of James Foster from Gemstone, I’ve created an EC2 image for starting with Seaside development in the cloud. It’s public AMI ami-2d479e44. Modify and run this script when launching the EC2 instance, to install your own public key for user “seasideuser”. Set up the security group as in the picture below. After you’ve connected, run the commands in ~seasideuser/commands. I recommend the “Jade” tools for editing and committing the Smalltalk code.

I’d be happy to answer any questions. Thanks again, James!

2 Responses to “starter GLASS EC2 AMI”

  1. “Jade” tools?Is it easy?Because I haven’t heard of it before.


    • Yes, it’s straightforward if you have previous Smalltalk experience. For newcomers, there are a few obscure UI details (like knowing to commit a code-editing transaction). It’s a new experiment from James Foster at Gemstone. Go James! :)


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