Context 3 beta 3 released

I’ve released Context 3 beta 3. New in this one:

  • A minimal seed memory in which to grow Squeak 5. This one is 300k and has support for networking and Naiad, but not WebDAV.
  • Minor UI changes to the remote system browser.
  • Fixed launcher AppleScript to use the current paths.
  • Instructions on connecting to the seed, and for browsing/saving it.

5 Responses to “Context 3 beta 3 released”

  1. Hei Craig, really would like to get this running.

    With 3 Alpha 3 I got the dev image started and then had to open the app package and manually start the history and subject images manually.
    With 3b2 and 3b3 I get an image started that only opens the welcome web page (I believe the dev image is crashing in the background). When I open up the app packages I manage to start the dev image (which then opens the web page also only now it finds no web server there).

    I have quite a few squeak, pharo, scratch vm’s installed and are running OS X 10.8.2.



    • Hi Geff–

           Just to recap for everyone reading along, the intended behavior for 3b3 is…

      –    You start the Spoon app.

      –    The app starts a web server, and launches your default web browser to view a page from that web server.

      –    That web page is Spoon’s control panel. It has links you can invoke for routine actions, like starting and stopping object memories.

           Only visiting the control panel page, without invoking an action, should not start an object memory. What makes you think that a development memory started and crashed? As you’ve noticed, the structure of the app folder sometimes changes between releases, so I’d like to get the kinks worked out of the most common use cases first.

           I’m also running OS X 10.8.2. I’d be happy to discuss this with you further by voice, if you like.




  2. Does it come with Quoth?


  3. Got 3b3 started and it launches Safari on 8090. Then from the webpage, clicking on the link freezes everything. No way to connect to the webdav either. OSX 10.7.5 over here.


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